Why did they do so BAD?

I just gave my first unit test in my Pre-Algebra classes. Now, historically, this test (not the unit itself, that is great!) does not go well. So, I made some more adjustments this year to help prepare them. Formative assessments, more practice, a different homework approach. But the test were horrible AGAIN. There is some disconnect between what happens in class and what they do on the test. I’m feeling frustrated, and I know my students do too. I could tell during the test that they did not think they were doing well.

Here’s what I’m going to do about it this year. Reflection. Getting the students to tell me what happened. But I’m struggling with how to do this. So, I’ve created a reflection table for them to use. I need some feedback. Or maybe you have a better one that you’ve used and has been helpful. My goal is for the students to take ownership for their learning, reflect upon why they did not do well, and what they’re going to do about it next time. I’m also toying with the idea of giving them some extra points if they can produce evidence of their engagement in class (relevantĀ notes, practice problems, homework, etc.) I’m not sold on that idea. I also debated about whether or not to tell them what each question was about. I decided to put it in myself, basically to save time during class so they could focus on what type of mistakes they were making and rummaging through their stuff to find their notes.

So, here’s the document. It’s not so many pages in my original Word doc. I would really appreciate any feedback. Good, bad, ugly, whatever! Thanks everyone!



One thought on “Why did they do so BAD?

  1. I love this! My suggestion would be to add more questions of reflection at the bottom: What surprised you the most? Do you notice anything about the types of errors you were making? What could you do to help yourself in the future?

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